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My experience can help you understand the challenges you are facing and show you the steps you can take to make things better. 

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Are you concerned about your behaviour, feeling, or something else? 
Are you finding it more difficult to cope with things than usual?
Would you like to talk about things that bother you?

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About Ania 

My name is Ania and I am a qualified counsellor registered with British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I currently hold a degree in psychology with counselling skills and a post graduate Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling. I use an integrative approach in my practice as I believe that every person is unique and there is no single approach that can treat a client in all situations.


My experience can help you understand the challenges you are facing and show you the steps you can take to make things better. I offer a warm, client focus approach in a safe and confidential environment. I believe “the relationship is a therapy”. An understanding between the therapist and client is implicit in my approach to work together to promote positive changes in the client’s life.  


Training & qualifications

CPPD School of Counselling, Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling (BACP Accredited)


Metanoia Institute, DcPsych Integrative Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy

Middlesex University, BSc Psychology with Counselling Skills BPS, Accredited

I have experience working with:


            •          NHS and Mental Health settings 

            •          Suffer from depression or anxiety

            •          Problems with intimate relationship 

            •          Trauma

            •          OCD

            •          Abuse

            •          Eating disorder 

            •          Relationship difficulties 

            •          Self-esteem issues 

            •          Struggling with bereavement

Ania Gregier

Counselling and Psychotherapy Service

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What is counselling

The aim of counselling is to provide an opportunity in safe and confidential settings using warmth, empathy acceptance to help explore your individual issues. There are times in life when everything becomes overwhelming and talking things through with a trained and experience counsellor can relief the sense of hopelessness, sadness, etc.


You might be feeling and lead towards gaining strength and insights as well as see more choices in dealing with problems. The counsellor will provide you with a space and time to help you clarify and understand challenging thoughts and feelings. 


Counselling however is not about giving advice or telling client what to do. It will help you gain new perspectives and new ways of coping and resolving your difficulties.

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What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy the same as counselling offers take place in confidential settings. It provides an opportunity to explore and understand yourself and your life in a new way by gaining a deeper insight into yourself. The aim is to understand and explore feelings and thoughts that might be confusing and overpowering. Psychotherapy will also focus on your experience as a child or young adult as well as presenting issues. In order to understand how these experiences have shaped who you are today. It will also explore your patterns of relationships though out your lifespan to learn some deeper- rooted problems which remains untouched. 

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Fees and location 

Skype Counselling- £50
Brighter Spaces Guildford- £70

Discount for student counsellors


Session time

All therapy sessions last 50 minutes and take place weekly.

I offer short and long term therapy based on individual needs which I review with clients on regular bases. 

I also carry out home visits for clients who need counselling at their home - please contact me to discuss. 


London UK

Tel: 07731786464


Thank You!

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